Time.Graphics: The Creation of Interactive Timelines for the Improvement of the Learning Experience in a Music History and Culture Course

The development of digital competences has been one of the key points in the latest educational reforms, but the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the acceleration of this digitization process. Suddenly, teachers were forced to search for virtual tools that could facilitate their teaching duties in this online environment. Sometimes this search led to the discovery of new tools that can profoundly enrich students’ learning process.

The aim of this oral presentation is to narrate the teaching experience of a musicology course that went online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This course, titled “Bossa Nova and João Gilberto (Music and Cultural Context)” was taught at the University of Turku (Finland) to graduate and undergraduate students. One of the tools that was used in the Zoom sessions was Time.Graphics, a free online program that allows its users to make timelines. Time.Graphics allows its users to add events during the lecture into an interactive timeline that was publicly available online and shared through a videocall. This process helped students to keep track of the chronological order of the studied events gaining a better perspective of the surrounding context. At the same time, students were invited to collaborate on the timeline by adding other events that they might find relevant for the course. In the course evaluation survey, students appreciated the usage of this tool for its visual attractiveness and novelty. Students also indicated that timelines helped them to pay more attention and to have a more enjoyable learning experience.

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