Didactic Applications of Research in Arabic Dialectology: the Transcription and Transliteration of Oral and Written Corpora

This paper entitled ”Didactic applications of research in Arabic dialectology: transcription and transliteration of oral and written corpora” aims to address the issue of the teaching innovation that has been developing in Arabic dialectology in recent times and the didactic applications of research in Arabic dialectology, as well as to evaluate the trends that have prevailed in the academic field of these linguistic studies since the introduction of computer science applied to their research. Some of these changes are related to the use of transcription and transliteration as research tools. This has allowed the dissemination of research through digital corpora and their use in university teaching of Arabic language. In this case, it is the dialectal Arabic language (divided into Eastern and Western dialects) and non-classical Arabic language that is used on formal occasions and in the media. The techniques of analysis of oral and written production include transcription and transliteration. The innovation is made through the application of this methodology of work in linguistics to the teaching of dialectal Arabic at the levels taught in the university degrees that include Arabic as language A, B or C. As a conclusion, the results of this proposal will serve to raise proposals for improvement likely to be useful in our teaching activity in the field of arabic dialectology at high levels of education in order to consolidate it and raise new innovation activities.

Key words: Teaching innovation, Foreign language, Methodology, Online teaching, University.

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