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Mª Estefanía Avilés Mariño

Pais España Adscripción Institucional Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Sobre mí

I am an English professor, in love with literature and keen on linguistics analysis. I love learning about mythology, history, physics...knowledge is a Diamond and I am still putting pressure to my bit of coal. I fancy comics, science fiction, horror....I am a huge fan of supernatural Tv series and love movies and music. I firmly believe age is a state of the mind and that one never stops learning. I started my learning trip in Telecommunications, then I studied English Philology and did my Master in Education, followed by a Doctoral Thesis in linguistics. Apart from English, I have studied French and German and my research has been focused on the study of Discourse Markers and linguistics in general. I have worked as highschool, vocational training and university professor. I have collaborated with several institutions in diverse areas from Music to translation, terminology and documentation or subtitling. I have been instructor for Cambridge, TOEFL, TOEIC and Trinity for many years, still doing so, and I am currently developing my career as professor and researcher in both Complutense University and CENP, teaching English for different degrees: English studies, linguistics, literature, graphic design, interior design, advertising, business and so on; I am both  TFG and TFM tutor and wish to be PhD tutor too. As I said, I love reading, this is the link to my goodreads profile:

Actividad, proyectos y publicaciones

THESIS TITLE AND YEAR IN WHICH IT WAS DEFENDED:  "Translation correspondences of verificative markers in English and Spanish: a corpus-based study" (Madrid, 2019)
CURRENT RESEARCH: research member in FUNCAP group (Mª Julia Lavid López),  collaborative research with a UAH researcher Mª Ángeles Martínez Martínez (Narratología, Lingüística y Cognición: Estudios Interdisciplinares sobre Autoesquemas de Ficción, Intersubjetividad Narrativa, e Inmersión)
CURRENT JOB: associate professor UCM English professor, TFM and TFG advisor.
Currently working in collaboration with the department of free software at UCM, areas of interest: informatics- editing language Latex with David Pacios Izquierdo.
Currently working in collaboration with Optics faculty in terms of language analysis and QR codes development with Sara Ignacio Cerrato.

Llamamientos y colaboraciones

Peding of approval: project in collaboration with the area of neuropsychology so as to analyse language influence in Cochelar implants.
                                 project within UCM FUNCAP and UFV and neurology.
                                 proposal of PhD programme as a collaboration between informatics and linguistics departments so as to boost python and NLP projects.
This year's collaborations have been really rewarding, David Pacios Izquierdo provided an excellent worshop on Latex, Sara Izquierdo Cerrato and outstanding Webinar on Qr coding, Andrew Gracia Postigo offered an amazing presentation on python basic coding, Ana María Martínez Roballo nicely collaborated as interviewee with classroom project in terms of neuropsychology, Megan Maxwell and Blue Jeans were so kind of participating as interviewees for my students too, amongs other academics an experts in social networking.
My main goal in terms of collaboration welcomes all areas and universities, I am currently very interested in publishing, editing, translating, dubbing, etc...
I love both linguistics and literature, humanities and sciences and enjoy transversal collaborations. I would be more than glad to collaborate with any academic who can provide 'food for thought' in the following:
1) Forensic linguistics
2) Intercultural Mediation
3) Parliamentary translation and interpretation
4) Dubbing and subtitling
5) Graphic design, animation and virtual designing
6) Natural Language processing
7) Computantional linguistics
8) Python, C#, Trados
9) Collaboration within different philologies, namely Spanish and English, German and English, French and English
10) Studies of similaries and divergences between Greek and Latin and Old English
11) Mass Media, advertising and commerce
12) Journalism and editorials
13) Conceptual Metaphors and image schemas- possible connections with stream of consciousness and bildungsroman
14) Linguistics, neurology, psychology, cognition and pragmatics
15)  A long ect...